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When you take a look at the chart above, what do you see?

A website that gets a lot of traffic?

I am an online marketer, so I must be rather good at getting traffic … or two you would hope.

But here is the thing, simply due to the fact that I am good at marketing doesn’’ t imply my Google traffic keeps climbing up and to the.

Just like you, I deal with obstacles.

I have downs and ups, I can likewise get punished, and I need to constantly fight algorithm updates.

When you are doing SEO, absolutely nothing is ever going to be best and it won’’ t constantly go the method you desire.

.My general traffic development.

Let’’ s take a look at my general Google traffic. Here’’ s my natural search traffic in January of 2018.


 jan seo 2018


I had a massive 743,744 sessions throughout that month. 550,607 of those sessions were distinct visitors.


Now if you quick forward to January 2019, my natural search traffic increased to 2,035,321 sessions. Of those sessions, 1,495,372 were distinct visitors.


 jan 2019 seo traffic


That ’ s a 173% boost in search traffic’in simply 12 months.

. Outcomes Since ’ m a decent good, #ppppp> Now you might believe that itwas easy simple me to achieve attain resultsOnline marketer Simply like you’, it ’ s a continuous battle to keep and grow my traffic.


And oftentimes, it decreases.

. My decrease in search traffic.

Yes, you saw my search traffic from January to January, but however ’ s look at the dips.

. Here ’ s my search traffic in October of’2018.


 oct seo

As you can see, I had 1,941,994 gos to from Google of which 1,417,994 were distinct.

Now when you quick forward to November, my search traffic decreased to 1,799,837 visitors of which 1,347,775 were special.

 nov seo

That’’ s a 7.3% decrease in search traffic.


Sure, November had one less day than October and there was a vacation in the United States in November … however my traffic is worldwide and NeilPatel.com is presently in 10 various languages.

In other words, there are vacations all over on the planet every month. Plus, the United States just comprises 23% of my overall traffic.

And, obviously, in December it got much even worse, however I anticipated that as that occurs each year.

 dec seo

As you can see from the chart, the last couple of weeks are actually sluggish, however that is since of Christmas and New Years.

.How do you understand when your traffic is dropping?

If you put on’’ t, you need to begin taking a look at your Google Analytics daily.

The one report I take a look at to ensure whatever is going right is a week over week contrast.

The factor you wish to take a look at a week over week contrast is that your traffic is going to change day by day. Tuesdays are normally my greatest days and Saturdays are generally my most affordable days.

The last thing you wish to do is compare a Saturday with a Monday.

 week over week

As you can see in early November, my search traffic began to drop. In the very first week, I saw a 4% dip.

And on Tuesday I saw a 6.94% drop in search traffic.

 6.94 seo

In the following weeks, the traffic didn’’ t’recuperate. When I understood something was off, that ’ s.

. When you begin to see traffic drops you shouldn ’ t panic, #ppppp> Now. The very first thing you ought to do is head over to this website .

. If there is a vacation someplace around the world that might be adversely affecting your traffic, #ppppp> It will inform you.


The 2nd thing you ought to do is examineout Search Engine Roundtable , as they tend to cover more algorithm updates than anywhere else. They ’ ll even break down what individuals are experiencing and possible’options.


Assuming your traffic did drop and it didn ’ t bounce up within a week or more, you require to begin making modifications.


The longer you wait the more difficult it is to recuperate your reducing search traffic.

. How do you increase your search traffic when Google keeps lowering your rankings? When your traffic drops it ’ s related to your material, #ppppp> 9 out of 10 times. Whether it ’ s material on one page or material on your entire website it usually is content associated.

. If there are any messages, #ppppp> The minute you see drops you require to login into Google Search Console and see.


Chances are, there won ’ t be any messages.


The next thing I desire you to do is to click “ Performance. ”


You must see a screen that looks something like this:


 goolge search console


Now click the date button above the chart. It must state “ Date: Last 3 Months. ”


Then click hellip &compare;




Then get in the dates you wish to compare onstart versus end date. Ensure you pick a 7-day duration so you get the complete photo.


You ought to now see a report that looks something like this …




I desire you to unclick “ Impressions.”


Then, I desire you to click “ Pages ” and sort by “ Difference ”( the arrow needs to be punctuating ).



This will reveal you all of the pages that dropped in traffic. These are the pages that lost the most considerable rankings and, eventually, your drop in traffic.

Next, I desire you to click a URL. You must begin with leading to bottom (you’’ re going to need to duplicate this procedure for each URL with a huge drop).

Then click questions and once again sort by Difference.


Now prior to you do anything, scroll back up and click ““ Position ” in the chart. If your rankings dropped for any of those terms, this will change your table and reveal you.


Assuming it did drop, I desire you to do a Google look for that term and take a look at all of the websites that rank in the leading 10 and compare your material with those that are ranking on page 1.

I understand there are business that use software application options that break down all of the keywords your rivals utilize on their page and it informs you what you are missing out on. I invested over $60,000 doing this in 2017 and it didn’’ t aid improve (or perhaps recuperate!) any of my rankings.

Instead, I desire you to disregard all of the SEO software application out there and simply put yourself in the user’’ s shoes.


What do you truthfully think about your rivals’ ’ pages? Is their material much better than yours? Is their style more easy to use? Does their website load a lot quicker that it develops a much better experience for you?

When you put yourself in the searcher’’ s shoes, it will offer you a concept of what you require to repair.


I understand I am making it oversimplified, however it actually boils down to doing what’’ s best for the user. That may be including much better images or enhancing your material since it isn’’ t up to date.


It ’ s not about keyword stuffing or having more words than anybody else. Heck, I rank greater than my old blog site Quick Sprout for the very same terms, with material which contains less words.

Just take a look at the term SEO. I’’ m on page 1 of Google for it:




Now let ’ s take a look at my SEO guide . It includes 10,244 words.


The Quick Sprout guide on SEO has 9 chapters and is a bit shy of 30,000 words.


Can you think where the Quick Sprout guide ranks?

Middle of page 2.


The point is, it ’ s aboutquality.


That ’ s why most websites lose theirrankings. Due to the fact that other websites bring out material that is much better for users. It doesn ’ t matter that it doesn ’ t have as numerous backlinks or that the word count is lower. In the end, Google concentrates on user metrics.


Things like backlinks can assist improve your rankings momentarily, however if the user metrics reveal that individuals dislike your material when you are at the top, your rankings will drop.

. This can ’ t hold true, my material is much better and my rankings keep dropping.

You may take a look at the actions above and think your material is much better however your rankings keep dropping. You may even talk with users and they concur and offer you the very same feedback. They believe it ’ s much better. What ’ s going on?

. Since of age, #ppppp> The possibilities are your rankings dropped.


Do you keep in mind how my traffic dropped from October to November? Well, in November, I employed a couple of specialists to assist repair my old material.


A great deal of it wasn ’ t out-of-date and through surveying, we discovered individuals enjoyed with it. It simply wasn ’ t ranking.


I had more backlinks than my competitors and much more brand name inquiries.

So, I started a journey where I had a couple of individuals upgrade my older material pieces. In some cases they just change a couple of sentences and often they reworded whole paragraphs or areas.


That one thing grew my search traffic to 2,199,658 visitors over the last 31 days:

 last 31 days


With over a billionblog sites on the internet, Google genuinely has its option of choosing who to rank. There ’ s excessive material to rank on the web, so when choosing in between 2 websites that are nearly similar in SEO metrics, they are going to select the fresh website versus one that hasn ’ t been upgraded in years.

. Conclusion.

No matter how great you are at SEO, you are visiting traffic drops. The secret to seeing constant development year over year is to concentrate on the procedure I laid out above.


I understand individuals still speak about backlinks and on-page SEO. That is something everybody currently does and you must be.

To genuinely stand apart in the crowd, you require to put yourself in the searcher ’ s shoes and produce the very best experience for them.


And a basic thing like upgrading your old material will generally resolve the issue and increase your traffic.


So, how frequently do you upgrade your old material?


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