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There’’ s a little development hack that every ecommerce website must be utilizing.

It’’ s the most convenient hack … it doesn ’ t need cash, you put on ’ t require a following, and it works quickly.


But you understand what? Nobody is utilizing it.


Can you think what it is?

. Well, I ’ ll provide you hellip &hint; simply take a look at theimage above.


It ’ s unrelated to SEO, paid advertisements, or anything else you are utilized to checking out here on the blog site.

The gorgeous part about it is nobody is leveraging it, which indicates it works approximately 100% of the time.

.An easy method to get more ecommerce sales.

Alright, do you would like to know what it is? Well, I’’ ll offer you another tip prior to spilling the beans.

If you viewed a video like this on YouTube about the very best makeup items, what do you believe would take place?

There’’ s a likelihood you ’ ll purchase among the items advised. And if you wear’’ t, another person will.

The concern is, it just works if you create enough video views.

And I have a great deal of posts breaking down how to get more YouTube traffic like:

YouTube for E-Commerce: The Art of Selling Without Selling Is YouTube Worth It? 7.6 Million Views Later, Here’’ s What I Learned How to Hack YouTube SEO –– 26 Tactics for Gaining Top Results How to Get More YouTube Views

There is one huge issue … there is no warranty that your video will rank on YouTube or get adequate views.

But what if I informed you that there is a channel that is extremely pertinent to ecommerce and you can quickly get 20,000 plus views per video?

Best of all, there is no competitors and you can do it each and every single time, without even having a following!

.How to get 29,090 video views on Amazon.

You currently understand about YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live … and you might even understand about LinkedIn Live.

But did you learn about Amazon Live ?

 amazon live

Just like all of the other live platforms, it works likewise, however the entire function is to flaunt and promote your items so you can drive more brand name awareness and sales.

 live video

The video above is by Skincare by Alana. Alana provided pointers in the video about how to lower puffiness around your eyes and how to make them brighter.

Can you think the number of views that video got in the very first week it aired?

Well, based upon the heading above you are most likely going to think 29,090. That is appropriate.

 live views

And all Alana invested was $200 to improve the video.

It’’ s not simply Alana who is seeing enormous success … I understand 2 other individuals that are getting comparable outcomes, however they won’’ t let me share their statistics as they are white labeling other individuals’’ s items and wear ’ t desire more competitors.

. How do you get thousands of views from Amazon Live?

Well, there is a basic procedure … let’’ s break down how you can do it step by action.

Now prior to we get into that, I require to be transparent: You are going to discover it a bit uncomfortable at. After you do it a couple of times, you’’ ll discover that it is quick and simple.

.Action # 1: Download the Amazon Live app.

You most likely have an iPhone or an Andriod gadget. Log into your app shop and download the Amazon Live app.

Although you can see Amazon Live on your desktop, you can’’ t post a video unless you do it from your phone.

 <a rel=amazon live app”/>

When you set up the app, make certain you enable Amazon to gain access to whatever on your phone. When you attempt to publish your slate image, this will come in helpful later on. I will enter what a slate image is in the future …

.Action # 2: Open the app.

 open app

Now open the app. Once it’’ s opened it will look something like this aside from the reality that you won’’ t have any videos.


 amazon app


On the bottom left you will see a “ Streams ” navigational alternative “which” will reveal you all of the videos you have actually aired.


On the bottom right you will see a ““ More ” navigational choice that reveals you all the choices and choices you have.

And to begin, you would click the ““ +” button at the bottom.

. Action # 3: Getting begun.

When you “click the “ + ” button at the bottom, you ’ llsee a screen that appears like this:


 getting going


Amazon Live has a cool practice mode function. I extremely suggest you start with a practice run or more.

Once you master it, produce a genuine live video. Prior to you do you’’ ll desire to include items that you desire to promote. You can choose one or several.


As for video source, your phone electronic camera will be the most convenient. There are other alternatives also such as an encoder and other things for video ninjas, however I would simply utilize your phone cam (likewise called phone camera) as it’’ s easy and works well.


You ’ ll likewise need to call your live stream. This is where you go into the title of the video.

This is really essential since if your title draws, you won’’ t get as numerous views. If you put on ’ t understand how to compose fantastic headings, have a look at these posts:

The Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Powerful Headlines How to Write Headlines People Can’’ t Help however Click [Solutions Inside] The Definitive Guide to Writing a Headline that Doesn’’ t Suck (Tips, Tactics &Tools Included) How to Boost Your Social Shares Through These 10 Headline Formulas How to Fail-Proof Your Advertisement Campaigns with These 7 Headline Formulas Step # 4: Boost your video.

It doesn’’ t take much loan to get countless views. Technically, you will get countless views without investing a dollar. If you desire to invest a couple of hundred dollars it will go a really long method.


Again, this method works without investing any loan, however a couple of dollars can assist you get a lot more traction.

.Action # 5: Schedule or publish your video.

You’’ ll have 2 choices when it pertains to publishing your video. You can go live and publish right now, or you can arrange your video to head out.


If you sanctuary’’ t shot your video throughout peak hours, I advise that you arrange it. The last thing you wish to do is release a video in the middle of the night or prematurely in the early morning.

.Action # 6: Add a slate image.

A slate image is a cover image. When searching Amazon Live, this is what individuals see. Here’’ s an example of a slate image:


 amazon hack


Remember how I stated you ’ ll wish to enable the app access to files on your phone? You’’ ll wish to do that so you can publish a slate image.

. Action # 7: Show a banner.

You require to reveal a banner.It will alter the variety of sales you produce.



. When it comes to revealing a banner, #ppppp> You have 2 alternatives. The very first is to share a promo with the views, and the 2nd is to share a customized message.

When you choose the ““ share a promo ” choice, your promo will be shown as a banner at the bottom of your video. Consumers can click the banner to use the promo to their account.

And when you choose the ““ share a custom-made message ” alternative, your customized message will be shown as a banner at the bottom of your video. Individuals can conceal the message at any point.

You can check both choices, however I advise that you a minimum of ““ share a promo ” so it makes it simpler for individuals to get a discount rate with simply a click.

.Action # 8: Watch the sales roll in.

Alana just created one sale on her very first video, however that’’ s due to the fact that’she didn ’ t push too hard. She currently understands how to significantly enhance that number and, in a bit, I will review how to produce numerous sales through Amazon Live.

 live statistics

The other accounts I have access to have actually produced numerous sales through Live. One has actually created 391 sales up until now from 2 videos and the other has actually created 328 sales from 3 videos. And I will share listed below why they had the ability to create sales and why Alana wasn’’ t.

. How to optimize your sales from Amazon Live.

Here’’ s how to get moresales:

. – Buy devices– if utilizing your phone, get a remarkable ring light and a vertical phone holder. It will NOT tape-record horizontally. This will assist enhance the quality of your video. Offer, offer, offer –– Amazon desires this function to offer, offer, and after that offer some more. This is the huge error Alana made and she understands it and will repair this throughout her next live video. If you put on’’ t sell, wear ’ t – anticipate sales. Deal a discount rate– Pick an incredible item, and a deep discount rate. If you’put on ’ t provide a discount rate you won ’ t produce over 100 dollars in sales from your live video. If you create more sales, you’’ ll normally get more video views since when you offer Amazon makes more cash. I understand I have actually talked in the previous about how providing discount rates is a bad long-lasting technique for your brand name. I still wait that. Live videos are a much various method to offer in the brief term and offering discount rates will drive numerous sales and more awareness rapidly. This is one of the circumstances where not just do I believe discount rates are essential however appropriate since the deal is just available throughout the Live and no place else. Beware –– if you are sending out lots of traffic to an item and you put on’’ t create any sales, you will harm your Amazon natural rankings. Because of that, you truly need to offer. If you aren’’ t happy to offer hard, Amazon Live might not be for you. It can assist with your natural rankings if you carry out well. Develop an indication –– hold an indication at the start of the video that states ““ UNMUTE ME ” or something like that. Amazon appears to track the number of individuals in fact listen to your video, and for how long they listen. This must assist you get more sales and views. Hook audiences –– making vibrant declarations that hold true or informing individuals what you are going to cover later on in the video is an excellent method to keep individuals engaged longer. Poor engagement will result in extremely little video views. Construct authority –– although I informed you to offer hard, you require to supply fantastic details and pointers at the very same time. This will assist you end up being an authority and it must increase your sales in the long run. Offering without offering worth will make you look bad.

It truly isn’’ t that made complex. As long as you follow the pointers above, it shouldn’’ t be hard for you to create lots of sales from each Amazon Live video.


Just like every other video platform, the reach will become restricted, and it will be more difficult to get outcomes. And unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

For the time being, however, you require to get on the Amazon Live bandwagon and develop as numerous videos as you can. I would develop 1 video each and every day as soon as you get the procedure down right and you are seeing sales.

I can’’ t develop videos on Amazon Live as I put on’’ t sell ecommerce items myself, however you can. That’’ s a requirement that I can’’ t navigate.

So, what do you consider Amazon Live? If you aren’’ t leaping to develop a video after reading this, you are losing out.

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