When it comes to local SEO there has always been a tried and true blueprint of sorts that everyone followed. This blue print is the belief that you follow the leader and take some writing hints from them. SEO is a growing and changing business that is always accepting new voices to the sphere. The best way to bring them along is simply to let them take their understanding of the local market and use that in their writing.

Mistakes will happen and those need to be accepted. Instead of hiding from them a good writer will accept the mistake and simply learn from it. The best SEO writers are those that are constantly writing and perfecting their craft. They say practice makes perfect in SEO writing that is the absolute truth. SEO writing is a little like hot potato you write something someone else sees it and uses some ideas in their own market the next writer sees it and maybe uses some of that in their market. This is an ever changing ever expanding industry. Follow as many different writers and sources to tweak your writing.

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