Solving strange technical SEO problems is not an easy feat. First thought – is the issue worth your time and effort to resolve? It’s very easy to blame the inner workings of Google, however, most problems are in fact solvable. Tackling the issue from many angles will help you find the resolution. Is it a cache error? A code error? A problem with the HTML5? It’s helpful to use a checklist to assist as even the brightest can overlook simple steps.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you’ve had a drop in traffic there is a separate blog post written just for you
  • It is possible for overloading servers to change what Google sees on their end.
  • To see what you’re working with on Googles end, you can go into Google’s cache.

“These problems can’t be solved with a little bit of keyword research and basic technical configuration. These are the types of technical SEO problems where the rabbit hole goes deep.”

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