72% of web browsers search images before landing on their search-engine site destination. That’s staggering. And, ultimately quite helpful to SEO-driven businesses.

When Getty images and Google joined forces to make a better searching experience for browsers, ostensibly, that was a good day for SEO. It was not such a heralded day for image-clickers, anxious to see the results of their fave celeb’s botox procedure. Those clickers would now be denied the immediate view option and have to go all the way to the site to see their pic.

What was missed amidst the wailing was the fact that e-businesses had just been handed a boon. Browsers would now have to go all the way to their site to see any pic on that site. This meant that it was now possible to get rated highly for Google images. It also meant that e-businesses had another way to legitimately lure in new business and garner leads and ultimately sales.

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