A guarantee is very important when selling a product. There are several factors involved when creating a product guarantee. You must first decide how long you wish to offer the guarantee. You want to give the customer enough time to test the product, however if you give a customer to long time they may decide to return the product due to financial hardship. If your worried about too much loss with a long term guarantee, you can also include conditions such as having the customer return the product in like new condition or return with all original packaging, with or without a restocking fee. You also want to include exactly what your guarantee entails, for example, by offering a free trial period or paid return shipping and handling. Lastly, you must decide when the guarantee begins, which can be from the day the product is received or after the free trial period. Most importantly, a guarantee shows the customer that there is no risk involved with making the purchase and instead shows them all the benefits in trying the item.

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