It’s a new day for consumers and it’s reflected in the way that we shop. Where once it was the norm to rely on our friends, neighbors and co-workers to give us the skinny on the best shopping values, or the best places to eat, most of us, in fact statistics show that more than 90% of us, are checking online reviews to make reasoned and informed decisions before going out or purchasing.

Rewards programs, reviews and brand trustworthiness are what helms the buying decision process these days. So, as a business getting positive reviews is a positive. Correct? Almost. Positive reviews are not to be disparaged. However, savvy buyers, more than 80%, make it a point to peruse the negative reviews, going by the logic that they want to understand what the worst case scenario for buying an item might conceivably be. There’s also a feeling, according to studies, that a lack of negative reviews is suspicious. So, while positive reviews are, yes, positive, it is not all bad, not by a long shot, to have a few negative revired. They may even help your business.

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