Moz Pro is a unique option to help website owner’s with search engine optimization, or SEO. Once again, Moz Pro has begun their SEO Quick Fix videos. These videos are a mere few minutes long and give easy resolutions to SEO complications.

For example, the SEO Quick Fix video show you how to pick important keyword phrases. With the right key words, it will be your website that pops up giving an answer to a query that was typed into a search engine.

Another SEO Quick Fix video explains how to use Site Crawl to find information on your website that is redundant and repeats itself. Tips are also given on what to keep in mind when looking at this repetitive information.

As a website owner, you also need to know competitor’s most popular and least popular keywords, along with keywords you both use in common. This will allow you to find useful keywords to help your website traffic increase. Moz Pro has the SEO Quick Fix video just for this!

Sometimes, pages on your website might go missing. SEO Quick Fix can teach you how to remedy this by using redirect links.

There are many more Moz Pro videos, tips and tricks. Come check them out!

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