In 2006 Patrick Curtis created Wall Street Oasis. This forum is for those with jobs in finance. Wall Street Oasis had more than 2 million visits a month, but at the end of 2012 things changed for the worse. Patrick Curtis had to figure out how to increase page hits.

First, Patrick realized that Google’s new algorithm had a harmful impact on traffic.
Secondly, the forum had much more weak content than strong.

The solution to these problems was twofold.

The weak content was merged into one, strong source. By doing this, website traffic increased by 10-15%.

The next plan of attack was to have a group of five knowledgeable interns take high traffic content and polish it up. This meant making the content longer , and more clean with subtitles. Moz Pro was used to make the subtitles match high traffic key words. (This combined effort allowed for a 14% traffic increase). The H1 had new keywords added to them (9% traffic increase). These key words were also put into the new URLS used (38% traffic decrease- this method was quickly stopped). Finally, images (5% increase) and videos (4% increase) were added to help the content look more attractive and have users spend more time on the page.

In the end, the website hits increased by 32%. 18% of this amount was aquired by making changes that take time. Patrick Curtis suggests working on high traffic pages first when trying to increase that content’s SEO.

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