As the second most popular website on the internet, YouTube is a great way to utilize video marketing. By creating a channel that consistently generates content, you can in turn generate attention and a wider customer base. Some of the ways to do this include creating a custom layout for your channel, keeping content consistent to keep your audience engaged, creating great titles and thumbnails for your YouTube content to catch eyes, creating a logo, and promoting through other channels. Some more strategies to help with marketing on YouTube are writing good descriptions for your channel and videos, creating closed captions, using keywords in your tags, encouraging likes and subscriptions, and creating high quality videos.

Key Takeaways:

  • Creating consistent content will help you have a presence, build an audience. Having one video a week should be a minimum.
  • Writing engaging titles and creating thumbnails will have people more likely to click on your videos.
  • Ways to improve your video include: annotations, creating a great opening and calls to action.

“No matter how great your video content, it won’t matter if you can’t get anyone to actually click on your video in the first place.”

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