For most people, the average time spent on social media is about 2 hours per day or over five years per lifetime. A sales pitch is one thing that can be an undesirable sight on social media, and the trick is to keep the message less salesman-like. Some ways to do this include connecting with prominent social media presences and creating partnerships, running contests or promotions, creating videos for your product, sharing content from existing customers, using enhanced posts on platforms like Instagram, and engaging with customers regularly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Millenials are often influenced by their peers when it comes to making purchases which can lead to being able to become and influencer.
  • Giveaways can help you gain new customers, but it’s important to provide rules so there aren’t any slip-ups.
  • Allowing user-generated content can strengthen a community and lead to gain even more customers.

“Coming across too salesy on social can leave your followers racing for the “unfriend” button.”

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