The author reflects on how he had originally tried to outsmart Facebook’s system by exploiting loopholes in their algorithms. Over time he realized that it was best if he aligned his interests, as a digital marketer, with Facebook’s interests. This way he was not constantly fighting a losing battle against Facebook’s ever-evolving algorithms. The author then talks about the evolution of Facebook over time and ponders what the best course of action is for its future. The author ends the article by giving advice on how to take full advantage of Facebook and be mindful of how they grade the things you post. This, in turn, he thinks will allow you to create a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties that is sustainable long term.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook is a tumultuous environment that’s constantly shifting and changing. What worked before won’t work in the future when it comes to marketing and advertisements.
  • It’s better to follow the Terms of Service and rulings enacted by Facebook. Fighting it will only lead to a loss in profits.
  • It’s best to align yourself with Facebook’s grading system to avoid being penalized for poor marketing or negative feedback.

“To have success on Facebook you have to approach your ads with 2 different viewpoints at the same time: the mathematical viewpoint and the psychological viewpoint.”

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