Is your social media strategy working in conjunction with your content strategy? Neil Patel in his article entitled: “5 reasons why nobody is engaging with your social posts (and how to fix it),” argues for the fact that social media is an important part of any brand marketing. To get fans to like, retweet and give accolades to your content and brand, you need to get the social media aspect right and not commit some five sins. The first sin is denying what people want. He argues that users want something real – real interactions and real human connections. Secondly, it is forgetting to make room for new (older) users. Next is not making videos part of your strategy. Also, letting little errors cripple credibility and talking without listening are the other sins. Neil Patel offers suggestions on how to correct these social media sins.

Key Takeaways:

  • Consumers of online social media content want to deal with real entities (aka human beings!) instead of being served by automated chatbot systems instead.
  • The demographic of online media consumers is changing dramatically and one has to adjust to that!
    The fastest growing online user group is the retirement age adult.
  • The number one online social media consumption medium is video.

“There’s a reason 10% of professional marketers report social media marketing as the strategy most likely to yield big rewards in 2018.”

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