Facebook messenger is one of the most popular messaging conduits with more than 2 billion messages exchanged every month. So it would appear odd that companies have yet to fully tap into this especially since Facebook messenger has introduced the ability to purchase products through the app. Facebook messenger has evolved from simply being a messenger and now has functions such as games, groups, stories, ability to send money, location tracking and ability to connect to businesses. With over 60% of Facebook users utilizing Messenger, businesses have begun to take notice with over 60 million companies now being registered with Messenger. Research shows consumers hate a standard live chat experience and with a consumer’s existing familiarity with messenger it would appear as a much more personal conversation. From a business side it gets even more appealing when you consider it doesn’t have to be a live chat experience and you can use what they call the chat bot to to sell more products and save on man-hours. The article then proceeds to give an in-depth guide on how to incorporate chat bots with the messenger and incorporate other business features ranging from offering customers free stuff to providing sales advice all the way to data mining via the same chat bots. Messenger apps are likely to be the next big marketing opportunity that has not been fully tapped and getting in ahead of the other competition will surely give you a boost to succeed as a business.

Key Takeaways:

  • Increase sales by using Messenger, which would be a new way to tap a new market.
  • Its not just a messaging app anymore, you make stories about your your venture, make group chats, send money, etc.
  • Use a chatbot and connect it to your link messenger to automate a method to connect to new consumers.

“64% of Facebook users are on Messenger.

Not only that, but 50% of American teens use Messenger every day.”

Read more: https://blog.kissmetrics.com/facebook-messenger-to-sell-products/

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