Image optimization can have a huge impact on an e-commerce websites. It can drive customer retention and conversion as well as improve SERP rankings. These facts were well stressed by the Kissmetrics blog in its article entitled: “8 need-to-know E-commerce image optimization hacks.” The blog stressed that for these and other reasons image optimization should be a top priority for any marketer looking to convert visitors to buyers on their website. Some of the image optimization hacks the article proposed were that there should be familiarity with different file types like JPEG, PNG and GIF. Marketers should know which to use and when to use it. Also, they should get the image file sizes right and also file naming should be done correctly so as to improve SEO. They proposed some image optimization tools such as Pixlr and Kraken. Overall, the blog gave several recommendations that marketers could implement for their e-commerce sites when it comes to image optimization.

Key Takeaways:

  • Retaining customers is easier than acquiring new ones and images may help in doing so.
  • It does not matter if you do not understand programming, but using larger pictures may impact the bottom line.
  • By naming your files correctly, you may be able to optimize searches through search bots.

“Because images account for more bytes than any other part of a website, especially e-commerce sites, their size and complexity can make or break your web performance.”

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