Targeting YouTube ads can be a tricky process but this article by Tom Breeze attempts to help any would-be marketer make it a simple process. He first identifies the four types of people that go to YouTube. First, are those who want to keep up-to-date with the information in a given area. Then, there are those who want to learn and also those who want to do something. Fourthly, are those who want to buy something or to stay informed about a product they want to buy. The first step he outlines for the would-be YouTube ads creator is that he should first identify the mindset of the ad viewer and what mode they fall into of the four above. Three modes he outlined are the window shoppers mode who are keeping up-to-date; the in-store shoppers mode who want to learn and to do; and finally, the checkout shoppers mode who want to buy. After identifying the mode of the intended target, he should then utilize the right targeting options available on Adwords. The third step is then to create an effective ad for the identified target. An attention grabbing ad would be beneficial to a window shopper, an ad giving advice would be beneficial to an in-store shopper while an action stimulating ad would be beneficial to a check-out shopper.
Using this three step process, the task of targeting ads for specific audiences becomes simpler and more effective.

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