Some blogs can deliver Pullitzer prize winning content. Yet, the subscriber base to that blog is still stagnant. In his article entitled, “Want to grow you blog subscribers fast? Fix these 6 mistakes (especially #2 and #4),” Russ Henneberry suggests six strategies to make any stagnant blog come alive. Of the six mistakes he pointed out, he emphasizes repeatedly on the need for a blog to have a lead magnet, a trip wire offer and a squeeze page.
A lead magnet is a like a bribe offered to readers in exchange for their contact information. The bribe should not be vague but something that is of value to your blog readers. Then a trip wire offer is like a flash sale – when someone has subscribed to your blog, you offer a product or service at cost or less to them that engages them and keeps them hooked on coming back. Then, a squeeze page is a page that is dedicated to the lead magnet offers and the trip wire offers.
The author reasons that by following his 6 point agenda, any blog can come alive, bustling with subscribers.

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