Internet shopping may seem to be taking over but studies show a large population of Americans still like shopping in actual stores. The largest motivators to shopping in a physical store rather than buying online tend to be the following: People like having the ability to see, touch and try items before buying, and they hate paying for shipping. Not to mention dealing with the hassle of returning an item via the mail. However, physical stores still need to drive up the amount of people shopping and using the internet market is a valuable asset to do it. Here is a list of how to up the foot traffic: Offer in-store pickup for items purchased on their website. Make your inventory more visible to people searching. Let people see and touch the item they ordered and do not charge them a fee if they decide they do not want it. Offer sales via text and email. Make it easy for people searching to find stores near them. Make exchanges and returns easy, remember this is a driving factor behind the customers choice to shop online or in store. Do one thing online absolutely can’t and offer in-store workshops and events. Make sure your ads are hitting the target audience and geographical areas. And finally the most important of all, make the customer’s in-store experience be enjoyable.

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