The modern consumer has an ability to tune ads out of their minds when they see them. Consumers also have options to skip through commercials, install ad-blocking software, or pay extra for software memberships and applications to avoid seeing commercials at all in the first place. The article “How Marketers Are Getting Their Message Across in an Ad-Blocking World” discusses five strategies modern marketers can enforce to deal with these issues. Influencer Marketing is one technique to overcome these obstacles, which utilizes someone with a platform and many followers for advertising. Many consumers feel like they can relate to and trust influencers, which is why influencers are so powerful in marketing. Native Advertising is another useful technique that blends in ads within the digital environments they occur in, so that they are not interrupting the user’s experience in an annoying way. In fact, the user may not even realize they’re looking at an ad, which is the beauty of it. The third useful marketing technique is to incorporate Social Ads within popular social media interfaces such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook because millions of people use these interfaces daily. The fourth technique the article discusses is to use In-App ads that include Rewarded Video Ads which users must watch a video for a certain amount of time in order to benefit from an in-app reward. Finally, the article concludes that the most successful marketing technique of all is Content Marketing. Content Marketing differs from the other marketing techniques mentioned previously because it focuses on genuinely connecting with the consumer and building relationships with them. With valuable content, consumers are less inclined to block ads and are naturally drawn to the high-quality content. This also creates more revenue for businesses and costs less than the techniques mentioned previously. The article sums up its points by suggesting that marketers should focus on why consumers dislike ads and avoid enforcing obnoxious marketing strategies; instead, marketers should engage with the consumers in a meaningful way and the ads will end up speaking for themselves.

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